Merlins Blood Wheel Cleaner & Tire Grafixx Custom Tire Lettering


Merlin's Blood Tire Cleaner &
Tire Grafixx Tire Graphics and Lettering

Merlins Blood Wheel Cleaner & Tire Grafixx Custom Tire Lettering

Merlin's Blood Testimonials

"The lazy man's wheel cleaner"

Here is what some of our many customers have to say about using the product.

We use it. Love it! Had a customer just today ask about it. Best wheel cleaner there is! Stinks, but works better than any other! We tried everything, and this stuff is the best!!!
Joe, Las Vegas

Works great! Whenever we change tires for customers we clean the wheels with Merlins Blood
SpyderAnn01, Las Vegas

Good Stuff and it works!
DJ Fanin, Panama Beach Fl.

This stuff is great. I will be ordering again.
otter28169, East Pharsalia, NY

Have had the opportunity to test this cleaner on my F3 and my car. It is the best wheel cleaner I've used and I've used a few.Thanks to Jim for making me aware of this at SpyderFest this year.
OJ UK, Aylesford, Kent, UK.

I tried Merlin's blood on both mine and my wife's SUVs, I have to say this is the best stuff I have used to clean these 20-inch wheels. I used a 3100 PSI pressure washer and spray the hell out of the wheel with just water and it was still nasty with brake dust and dirt. After it dried so I could see what it looked like, I sprayed with Merlin's blood it started bleeding pretty fast, but I waited about 4-5 mins and hit it with the pressure washer. The end results were amazing, looked like a brand news set of wheels.
Chasinsparks, Columbia, MD

Works Great.......E-Z on, E-Z off.
Justacrusin, Fort Worth, TX

I got 2 bottles in the mail today and had to try it out. I did the wheels on our Mini Cooper, Chevy Express 3500 van, and Honda Ridgeline, all with 1 bottle, and still have enough in the bottle to do another couple of wheels. Works great!
Stumpy6Guns, Valley Center CA

Just used it for the first time sprayed it on rims left it sit 4-5 minutes then used my pressure washer to rinse it off rims came out real clean and shiny made life real easy to clean the rims would recommend the product.
seawolf33, Pennsylvania

I purchased 2 bottles this weekend during Spyderfest and used it last night when cleaning up our two Spyders after the ride home. I was slightly skeptical before purchase but after using it, i can say this stuff really works well! It is easy to use and really excels at getting the road grime and brake dust cleaned out of the hard to reach areas and small spaces on the wheels. Great product!
Centurion, Kansas

I tried it on my Spyder and Valkyrie. Worked great. It is really handy for getting into those impossible to reach areas. No scrubbing needed. Just follow the instructions.
Grandpot, Fort Mill, SC

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Merlins Blood Tire Cleaner

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